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Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Doll For A Grand-Niece!!!!

Another doll for a Grand Niece.  Not sure why...this one seemed to take forever...but I finally got it all finished up..and will box it up this weekend to go in the mail this next week!!! She's another Springfield Collection Doll....and I love the red!!!! Now to start the next one...it doesn't have to go out till December!!! So I can take my time on that one.  Made Sockors (Swedish Felted Slippers) last night...didn't have a pattern, and they came out pretty good!!! Tonight I'm gonna attempt knitting socks....keep your fingers crossed, I sew much better then I knit.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lissie's Meet Outfit-Spunky girl

Started putting this all together...and it was way too tight for my Lissie.....I was using a pattern designed for AG dolls....but this was way too tight...so had to rip it all out and alter it...I hate doing alterations....Second time around, and it came out really cute!!!!  I think it may have been designed for the newer, Mattel dolls...they are much thinner.  She also has her shift on under.....well we didn't want to put her dress on with-out it!!!!
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She is such a sweet heart....I wonder how long it will take to get her gown all muddy!  Lissie is so SPUNKY!!!  Today I'm working on Kirsten's robe.  Couldn't find a pattern so am making it up as I go....So glad I did all that sewing for Steven and the girls over the years.....I can do this!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Samantha's Meet Accessories

Finished up Samantha's Meet Accessories...they came out so cute!  She is such a trooper, I had to take, and re-take pictures...couldn't seem to stand still!!!!  The set consists of her cute hat,,,,big and flouncy...her Heart Locket Pin, velvet purse, and Hankie....She is the proper little Victorian lady.
Items can be seen in detail on my Etsy Shop
I started working on Felicity's Meet Outfit.  I had purchased a pattern that I just needed to alter a bit in the ruffles and sleeves....but after I got it almost put together....found that it was way too small for my doll...I'm thinking it was made for the Mattel dolls, and not the original Pleasant Company Dolls.  So tonight I will have to work on altering it...I hate doing alterations.  i think part of the problem is that my dolls have full sets of undergarments, and the patterns don't take that into account...so, I will from now on.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I hate it......

I hate it when I purchase a shoddy product.  I am working on Samantha's Meet Accessories...and wanted to make a cute little velvet purse.  I found a metal change purse top...that looked like it would work perfectly...and the package said to go to their web page for the instructions and videos....Great!!!  Get the thing home...go to the web site, and spend forever finding the actual product....click on the instructions...and it was horrible, just horrible....If I had been a novice sewer.....forget it.....Fortunately I had made a purse as a gift last week...and the technique was gonna work on this.....Then I went to the videos.....and that was even worse.  I was amazed that they hadn't taken the horrible comments down.   I left one...but tried to be constructive.  Obviously they had no business sense.  Started making it...and the instructions to attach the metal to the fabric...just wouldn't work.....physically wouldn't work....I finally got it together....and it did come out cute....but boy, was it frustrating. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kirsten's Nightgown

Finished up Kirsten's nightgown last night...but have been busy today with church, and BBQ at Kris' house.....finally home, so thought I would post it....it came out really cute!!!!  Kirsten's hair looks so pretty down.  She has a bit of a musty smell I'm noticing...so she gets to take a sunbath tomorrow, and if that doesn't work...she gets to take a kitty litter bath.  She came from Florida....so I'm guessing she was boxed up in a musty place for a while.  I anyone knows of another way to clear it up....let me know!!!!
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Meet Maria

Since I'm busy working on Kirsten's Nightgown...I thought I'd post another of my Granddaughters (Springfield Collection) Dolls.  This one is Maria...but she looks just like my granddaughter Abbey.  And the little girls loved playing with this great wintery Colorado outfit....a tribute to snowboarding....I couldn't resist this one...it's a Sophia outfit...complete with helmet, goggles boots and snowboard....Go Maria...Go!!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Felicity Finally Gets Her First Set of Clothing!!!!

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Last night I finally finished up Felicity's set of undergarments!!!  She has a pretty white shift...Girls in 1774 had a few of these as they wore them under ALL their dresses.  They also wore something on their heads at all times.  Probably because hygiene wasn't what it is now(bad hair days!!!) and lice(ewww!!!) were also very common.  Fortunately our Felicity doesn't have that problem!!!  The cap is called a round earred cap and has a pretty pleated ruffle and red ribbon and bow!  She also has a cream ribbon to tie her hair back and white stockings!!!  I think a nightgown for Kirsten is calling to me....I have lots of white flannel leftover from her undergarments!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


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Samantha's Meet Outfit!!!

I searched and searched for a pattern for Samantha's Meet Outfit, and couldn't find one anywhere.....so I just had to come up with one myself...and I am so pleased with how it came out!!!!  Up until the turn of the century, young girls wore trimmed down versions of adult clothing.  Then came the Victorian Era...and little girls were liberated...with shorter, more fun dresses!  This one for Samantha's Meet Outfit, is a burgundy check, with pleats running down the front, and a drop waist accented by a wide burgundy ribbon, cinched with a buckle.  She has a large matching bow for her hair...and I just think that she is so smart looking!!!  Now I really need to get going on Felicity's outfits!!!!  Poor dear...all she has is her shift!!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Contest Time

I think it's time for a contest....since we have reached past the 500 mark for views.  Thank you all for looking... Now share this with your friends....I will take a week to collect names.. and then do a drawing for 3 sets of hair ribbons.  Leave me a comment in the comment section and then I will draw.  Watch back for who the winner is, and I will give you info on how to get your hair ribbons.  If you are under 15, make sure you have permission to enter...as you will have to give me your mailing address if you win!!!
18" , 2 each, Rose Organdy, Gold, pink grosgrain
Good luck!!!! And please let your friends know...the more the merrier!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kirsten's Meet Accessories!

I had so much fun making Kirsten's Meet Accessories.  First, there is the Hankie...see post below.  Then her Amber Heart Locket....I loved this!!!!  I finished up last night making the Red Checked Bonnet, and Red and Blue Spoon Bag.  Swedish families usually only had enough spoons for the members of their family...so when they went to friends to eat...they brought their own spoons.  Kirsten had a spoon bag to carry the spoons in...and so she also has her spoon!  It almost reminds me of the original fanny pack!!!!
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Here she is with her whole Meet Outfit....Undies, dress and shoes, and accessories.  She almost looks real!!!!  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Kirsten's Amber Heart Necklace

When Kirsten's family decided to move to America, they knew they would probably never return to Sweden, and probably never see their family there again.  This was a very hard decision...and Kirsten's Grandmother, gave her a heart shaped amber locket to remember her by.  This one will be with the Hankie  in her Meet Accessories, on my Etsy Shop once I get the rest of the Accessories finished!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kirsten's Hankie

I decided to work on Kirsten's Meet Accessories next.  Young girls would have practiced their embroidery on hankies and towels.  Here is Kirsten's first hankie, which she carried in her apron pocket.  It's what Kirsten used to hold her gifts from Singing Bird.

Comments Please!!!

I just realized I had my setting for comments on Registered Users only....so that is why I haven't  been getting any comments...I have changed it...so please leave me a post and let me know how I am doing with my Blog!!!  I am blown away, that I have over 500 views so far!!!!  And actually that's more, as I had a few days under a wrong name.....!!!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Samantha's Lacey Whites

It was 1904, where we find Samantha Parkington, who is 9 years old and lives with her wealthy Grandmother, because her parents died in a boating accident when she was 5.  Here Samantha is in her Lacey Whites...which is what a girl's undergarments were called in Victorian times.  Samantha's are almost too pretty to hide under her dresses.  Samantha has such a hard time keeping them white...as she is really a tom-boy at heart!!!
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Miss Emma

This is Miss Emma....she is another Springfield Collection Doll that I got for my granddaughters to play with.  Been really busy getting ready for an event at my house this weekend.,..so really haven't been able to sew like I want to....maybe tonight if I get everything done for tomorrow!!!!  She's wearing a cute little sundress I made using 2 fat quarters.  This dress is for sale on my Etsy shop if you are interested.  
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kirsten's Meet Outfit

When Kirsten's family finally got to Uncle Olav and Aunt Inger's farm...they were worn out, wet and dirty.  
Aunt Inger found an old dress that had been cousin Lisbeth's....since all of Kirsten's clothes were in the trunks they had left in storage in Riverton.  Kirsten looks very good in blue, and I love the blue hair ribbons.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Undergarments for Kirsten

The wind blows cold across the prairie where Kirsten now lives.  Minnesota winters are colder then Sweden.  Kirsten can snuggle into her flannel undergarments.  Her Chemise(or shift) comes almost to her knees, with a quilted petticoat over that. Panteletts with eyelet trim and white sox complete the outfit.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome Kirsten Larson

My last of the 3 retired dolls just arrived....and I am so excited...she is, again, perfect!!!!

I also have her set of undergarments all made, and should finish up her Meet dress tonight....so after her spa treatment tonight...she can do some modeling for you all!  I am really excited about getting Kirsten....for alot of reasons...Our oldest daughters name is Kristen...and I would have loved to have gotten her this doll when she was young....but they were just too expensive.  Second, growing up, I loved reading books about the prairies....Little House on the Prairie, was my favorite series of books, and then TV show.  I dreamt of marrying Micheal Landon (come to think of it, Steven and him look alot alike....Steven is a tall Micheal Landon!!!  When we ended up moving to Colorado...and then our house was out on the Prairie...my dad said...."You got your wish...a little house on the prairie.)  

Kirsten's story starts on the Eagle....Nine year old Kirsten and her family are leaving their beloved Sweden, and traveling to "America" to escape starvation.  Kirsten, Mama, Papa, Lars, her 14 year old brother, and Peter, her 5 year old brother.The trip over is a rough one, with many storms.  Mama is sick most of the time, and Kirsten spends most of the time with her best friend Marta who is also coming to America, playing with her doll,Sari.  When they finally land in New York City, the family travels by train to Chicago.  No one has ever ridden on a train, and it is a frightening experience.  They meet back up with Marta's family and all board a Mississippi River boat called the Redwing to travel to Riverton Minnesota.  On the way cholera breaks out on the boat, and Marta succumbs to it.  It is a very sad time for Kirsten.  Finally they are almost to Uncle Olav and Aumt Ingers farm.  They find they don't have enough money to hire a wagon...so after taking all that they could carry, they put the rest of their belongings, including Sari, into storage, and start the long walk to the farm, in the rain.  They must have been a sight when the get there, all muddy and tired.  The year is 1854, and they are Home! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meet Miss Olivia

Meet Olivia...she is another Springfield Collection doll that I got for my granddaughters to play with.....love her red hair!!!  I also wanted to send her to my niece Lilly, but couldn't find her so she got Emma....will post her picture another day!

I purchased her outfit from Sophia's, isn't it just too precious....sometimes ya gotta just break down and do it!!!  She's all set for the warm weather we are hoping for this next week!!!  I noticed while dressing her that her legs were about as wobbly as Samantha's, so now I don't feel so bad.  I know Olivia has been dressed and redressed quite a bit by 2 little girls.  

Kirsten, I'm hoping will arrive tomorrow...I have her undergarments almost finished....she will be all set when she gets here!  Then to get going on Samantha's and also Kirsten's Meet outfit!  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Samantha Has Arrived

Steven just brought in this tiny box...I'm thinking...what am I expecting that would fit in there...I opened it and out squeezed Samantha...poor thing.  Again...she is in excellent shape...her limbs are a little wobbley...may be from being squished in the box...if they are too bad...I can send her off to the American Girl Hospital to have minor surgery and shore them up...but I think they will be OK!  Here's my girl...not much of a spa day for her...and she would enjoy it.
Lissie is showing her the ropes!!!  Samantha is our Victorian girl from 1904...we are gonna have so much fun!!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meet Abby....

Meet Miss Abby...she is not an American Girl Doll, but a Springfield Collection Doll... The first doll I got.  I figured, if I wanted my grandaughters playing with these dolls at an early age....I couldn't let them play with the more pricey American Girl dolls.  Springfield Dolls are well made and sturdy.....and at a fraction of the AG price....if the hair gets pulled, or frazzeled, or an arm breaks...I'm not gonna be too upset, especially if she was well, loved, and these girls get very well loved.  2 and 3 year olds, just want to dress and undress .... ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

The outfit is gorgeoous.....I found these pre- made panels, you just cut out and piece together....they are really pretty...and I think making this one was what started this whole thing.  This dress was for Melinda Dalton, who was born in 1835 in Dug Spur, Virginia....she was a maid in a wealthy land owners household, and this would have been her Sunday dress.  I love the paisley print.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lissie's New Under Shift

Lissie's hair was finally dry this morning.....and I finished up her Under Shift last night...so here she is....

Now to get going on some undergarments for Kirsten and Samantha, before they get here.  I have a class to teach tonight, so I won't be getting much done on it today!  I did get to Joanne's this morning, and got some lace and fabric to play with!  Need to start watching for sales.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spa Day

Yesterday, while I was at WalMart.....this literally jumped off of the shelf at me....

I know...it is just too cute, and since I was thinking about the spa day....well, it just had to make it into my cart.  Then when I got to the check-out...there was no tag...I told the guy, I'd go back and get another...but apparently he didn't want to wait...and I got it for $8.00.  I believe it was $18.00.  So I was really one happy camper.  I watched them at the American Girl doll store up in Denver...and it really made doing their hair, much easier...and kinder to the head!!!!  

Sitting still is not one of Lissie's things....but she has to wait for her hair to dry....then we shall see, what we shall see!!!

Well, I thought I would have a finished photo for you, but her hair is taking forever to dry, so I think I will leave it overnight...stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

Oh, and I almost forgot....I won the auction for Samantha....so now I have all 3 of the retired dolls....I was so excited!!!!  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Felicity

We had a meeting for church at our home this evening...and in the rush to make dinner and get it eaten and picked up before the meeting.....I forgot about the mail  Steven, must have brought it in before the meeting....because I went into the Breakfast Nook...to get refreshments together...and there sat this big box.....and I couldn't open it.....so then I sat thru the meeting...dying to open it.  She's here and she is perfect...in near perfect condition...I am just tickled pink.  And her face....she looks just like my granddaughter Emma....the eyes are so Emma!
Tomorrow will be a spa day for Miss Felicity.  I'm sure she won't like that ...Felicity wasn't one to sit still for very long!!!  Then I need to get some clothes made!!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Felicity Now Has A Sister!!!!

OK...I was gonna wait, but there was an opportunity to get Kirsten at a really good price, and I was able to win the auction....and so Felicity now has a sister!!!!  I am so excited....keeping my eyes open for Samantha....then I will have a blond, redhead, and brunette!!!!
NOW I have to get going on the sewing....haven't gotten too far on Felicity's shift.  Tomorrow, I need to run to Joanne's and get some yarn so that I can start working on an outfit for my next Great Niece's doll outfit.  The newspaper girl must have been thinking of me...there were 4 Joanne flyers in today's paper.  We seem to get the leftovers!!!  

Felicity Update....

I am getting antsy about Felicity getting here....just checked, and she is in Denver!!!!  Maybe she will arrive tomorrow?!?!?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ya-Hoo...Felicity is mine!!!!!!!

I love the doll character Felicity, and have always wanted the doll.  I was so sad when she was discontinued...and should have gotten her then, but the timing wasn't right.  Decided to just go ahead and do it...so, I  have been watching the auctions on Ebay...and last night I took the plunge, my first Ebay auction.  Steven coached me...and after a great bidding war in the last half hour...I Won!!!!!  I am so excited.....she should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday....will post pictures when she arrives.  She was well used and loved, but I got her for less then I was actually willing to pay, so I am very happy.  Now I'm looking for a sister for her...Kirsten is my next one to search for!!!!
I did get fabric cut out last night for Felicity's shift....while I was waiting on the auction.....Now it has a doll to go to!!!! Check back soon, and I will have my Etsy Shop, Prairie Wind Girl up and running with outfits you can purchase for your dolls!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Start With Felicity

I love colonial America, and Felicity's story,(or Lizzie as everyone called her)  is placed in 1774, just before the outbreak of the American Revolution.  I think I am so drawn to this time, knowing that I had a Great Great Grandfather that participated in the Boston Tea Party, and having lived in the Boston Area, which is so rich in that history!  I'm a romantic, and living in Colonial times, for a young girl as spirited as Lissie, must have been exciting.  Things were starting to heat up with the uprisings in Boston against the British suppression, The Boston Tea Party, the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and George Washington, and George Mason, founded the Fairfax County Militia Association, in Virginia, where Lizzie is from.

Last night I started working on a set of undergarments for Lissie.  When I first started looking for material and patterns, I could not find any for pantaletts, pantaloons, bloomers or knickers for that time period.  That is because they didn't wear anything under their shifts!!!  Panteletts did not come into being until the beginning of the 1800's, when lighter-weight materials and hoopskirts were worn.  Covering the legs, provided some modesty on a windy day!!!!  Thought you'd enjoy that tid-bit of information...who would have ever thunk!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Start of Something Grand!!!

I hope!!!!  I want to welcome you all to my Blog.  I am a Doll lover, have been all my life.  Started out as a child, and then continued on with my 2 daughters....and now my 4 granddaughters!  Over time, I have become fascinated with Pleasant Rowlands, and the Whole American Girl Story.  This blog is a tribute to those dolls, in particular the Historical Dolls.

I truly believe it was wonderful that Pleasant Rowlands' love of  Reading, and History, spurred her on to develop the American Girl Doll line.  What a wonderful way to get little girls to read, and to develop a story, and history for their beloved dolls.  I'm not sure about you, but whenever I look into the eyes of these beautiful dolls, I can almost feel their souls.  Anything with a story becomes real!

The purpose of this blog is to share with you the research I do, into these beautiful, spirited dolls, and the times they lived in, and especially the clothing they wore.  I am also developing an Etsy shop with high quality hand-made period doll clothing(sewing is another passion of mine)....so stay tuned for information on when I get that up and running!  And please, come back to see how we are all doing! And please, drop me a comment...I'd love hearing from all of you and about your precious little dolls!