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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Samantha's Meet Accessories

Finished up Samantha's Meet Accessories...they came out so cute!  She is such a trooper, I had to take, and re-take pictures...couldn't seem to stand still!!!!  The set consists of her cute hat,,,,big and flouncy...her Heart Locket Pin, velvet purse, and Hankie....She is the proper little Victorian lady.
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I started working on Felicity's Meet Outfit.  I had purchased a pattern that I just needed to alter a bit in the ruffles and sleeves....but after I got it almost put together....found that it was way too small for my doll...I'm thinking it was made for the Mattel dolls, and not the original Pleasant Company Dolls.  So tonight I will have to work on altering it...I hate doing alterations.  i think part of the problem is that my dolls have full sets of undergarments, and the patterns don't take that into account...so, I will from now on.

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