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Friday, August 30, 2013

My patterns are up....well one is!!!!

If you are interested in mini girl patterns go to my Etsy Shop
OK.....I need to improve the delivery...but, I'm on a slow learning curve.....trying to learn too many things at once!!!!  I plan on doing all the outfits....that I have done for the bigger girls....so keep coming back.  This is available in paper or PDF/download.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Follow me in my Newest Adventure!!!!

I am so excited...I have fallen in love with the American Girl Mini's .....the 6-1/2" historical dolls that American Girl makes.  I started looking for clothes...since as you can see from the above photo...most come without clothing when you get them used.  Meet Kirsten, Kit, Rebecca, and Caroline.  I have 8 more in the mail right now!!!! 

So I started looking, and couldn't find clothes...or patterns  out there....so thought...I can do that...Now, I said I didn't do Barbie's because she was too small...well these are half her size....I must be insane....but the outfits aren't really that hard to do....and I am working on getting them into patterns to sell on my Etsy Shop.....So here is the first doll outfit...I always start with their undergaments...and here is Kirsten's.Yes, I even made her socks...trying to figure out how to do tights...the socks weren't too bad!!!!
Stay tuned for more outfits on my Etsy Shop  www.etsy.com/shop/prairiewindgirls

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Molly's Quilt

Check out the other quilts on my Etsy Shop

It was World War II and they were trying to conserve EVERYTHING so that supplies could be sent to our soldiers. Molly's Mom had made everyone flannel pajamas for the winter of 1944. There was some leftover flannel so she made Molly a warm quilt to snuggle under. It reminded her of Dad's flannel shirts. Quilt is 14 1/2" X 14 1/2", the perfect size for Molly, or any of the other American Girl dolls.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yeah! for Molly!!!!

I am so excited to be making outfits for Molly....Alot of her clothes , while not growing up in the 1940's, are like what I wore as a child, and have brought back lots of memories. Here she is in her underwear set. White, white, white...you didn't wear anything else in 1944. This set consists of lace trimmed panties, lace trimmed undershirt, and a ruffled slip. Also included are handknit red and white knee socks. 

Keep an eye on my Etsy Shop ( www.etsy.com/shop/prairiewindgirls ) I am working on a new outfit for Samantha, and am designing the pattern my self, and will be publishing them on my shop, and you will be able to by them.  I am also going to start making clothes for the AG Mini's and patterns too, as there are no patterns out there!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Milliner's Fashion Doll

Lissy was pouting, Kirsten and Samantha both had their dolls, and she wanted her's.  I was actually able to find wooden Penny dolls in the correct size, to make her one.  In the stories...Lissy saw the doll in the Milliner's shop.  these were sent from Europe in the latest fashions....sample dolls, for women's fashions.    Lissy hoped she would get it for Christmas...and even more...hoped she could have a ball gown for  the Govenor's Palace, just like the one the doll wore. Fortunetely Lissy got both wishes....
Lissy, Kirsten and Samantha's dolls are on my Etsy Shop

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Launch

Stay tuned to my Etsy Store, in this next week, I will be starting to make Doll Clothes for Molly McIntire.  I am really excited to be doing clothes for another American Girl.  Molly's timeframe is in the thick of World War II, and Patriotism abounded everywhere!!!!  Once I get thru the reproductions of the AG outfits...I have some great ideas for more playclothes and accessories....so much fun...stay tuned!!!!
Molly's outfits will begin appearing on my Etsy Shop this week!!!!

Sweet, Sweet Samantha

More of Samanth's outfits on my Etsy Shop
Just finished up Samantha's Birthday outfit...it is all sweetness....she is just so precious.  Spent the morning working on the new gals hair....they were all very frazzeled....Last night they all got Downey Spritz...and so they were all dry this morning, and got combed out, and styled....much, much better.  How do you do a Downey Spritz.  Fill a small spritz bottle, 3/4 with warm water, and 2 Tablespoons of Downey.  Shake well, and saturate hair, being careful not to get any in their eyes.  Let dry overnight....and comb out with a wire brush.  You can buy the AG one, or get a wig brush...but if you go into the dog section at WalMart...you can get one really cheap!!!!  Since it is so dry here in Colorado...I think all the girls will get this treatment on a monthly basis!!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tennis Anyone???

I saw this outfit in one of the doll catalogs...and just thought it would look so cute on Ally.  The sneakers ar just so tiny and cute....She even has the racket and ball!!!!
Molly and Josefina got Downey Spritz'z on their hair today.  Will take all night to dry, hoping it helps...sure smells nice!!!! Addy is tomorrow!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kirsten's Birthday Outfit....So Sweet!!!!

More sweet outfits for Kirsten on my Etsy Shop
This dress and pinafore, came out so stinkin' cute, Kirsten looks like an angel with her daisy wreath too!!!!  Lovin' the boots...I want a pair!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Writing on Slates

When I first started this Blog, I said I would be writing about some of the history pertaining to each of the Girls....and I've been so busy trying to get doll outfits put together for my Etsy Shop, I haven't been able to do that....but I have been collecting information, and I am always on the look-out for information.  Today I'm going to turn the pages of time back to the 1850's.  That is Kirsten's time frame.  Teachers in a pioneer school house...would have loved to have had lots of paper for the children to practice their penmanship, but paper was very expensive, and hard to come by.  Penmanship was very important....so it was found that slate which is a soft rock, that peels easily into thin layers, could be used to write on.  Pieces of slate were cut into rectangles, and put into a wooden frame.  Students either carved their initials into the frame or decorated them with ink, so that they could tell  who they belonged to.  Slates were usually carried to school in a bag, and taken very good care of because they broke easily.  Students used slate pencils to write on their slates.  These were made of moist slate powder, similar to chalk, and pressed into sticks. The students used sponges or rags to erase their slates!
This accessory set can be found on my Etsy Shop www.etsy.com/shop/prairiewindgirls
If you get this set, you could carve Kirsten's initials into the wooden frame, or decorate it with inks.....Slates are alot like chalk boards of today, but even those are going away as most schools use white boards now.  What are some other things made of slate?  What would you decorate your slate with if you were a Pioneer student?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome Molly

My birthday is tomorrow...it's a big milestone one....I won't tell you which one...but my dear hubby took the whole family out to dinner.  Yummy meal at Red Lobster....I was craving shrimp...and I got to open my Birthday presents....lots of fun gift cards from the kiddos'....will be having fun with all that...lots of chocolate too!!!!  It will be a fun, yummy week.  Steven gave me a new lens for my camera...so I will have to play with that..it is a fixed lens, very different from my old one!!!!

Then....the big box had......Miss Molly McIntire!!!!

I am so excited....Molly is the World War II doll.  She lives in Jefferson, IL, with her Mother, older Sister, and younger brothers.....Her Dad is a Doctor and is in England, taking care of the wounded solders....She misses him very much.  Molly is very patriotic...so, I can't wait to get started sewing for her!!!  Her clothes will be similar to some of the clothing I had growing up, so this will be a fun memory trip!!!!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fence Rail Quilt

Felicity was in need of a quilt, and I found this block that I thought would make a great one for her.
Check out more doll quilts on my Etsy Shop
I love the bold colors...I think Lissy will too!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crazy Weekend.....

Sorry I didn't get to post sooner....things got crazy this weekend....I picked up some sort of malware on my computer...and spent the whole day Saturday, getting it back to normal...then, no sooner was that done...and we got a lightening strike...and it blew out my Mother Board....fortunately we had another one...but it took all day yesterday getting things back to normal....Computers.....I have a love-hate relationship with mine. 

Anyway....I did get some sewing done...and finally finished up Lissie's Christmas gown for the Governors Ball....it really came out good, and she looks gorgeous in it!!!!
Check out more outfits on my Etsy Shop  www.etsy.com/shop/prairiewindgirls
There are 2 stomachers....this one and a lace one.  Lots of teeny tiny sewing....but it was worth it!!!! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Summery Outfit...Whoo Do You Love

Ally looks so cool and comfy in this great little skirt and smock top outfit.  I had this owl fabric and when I saw the pattern, I knew I had to use it....I barely had enough but we squeezed it out.  Unfortunatly it's not an outfit I can sell, the pattern won't let me....so my grandaughters will be enjoying this one!!!  There is another skirt pattern, so I will have to make that one next!!!