Welcome to Prairie Wind Collection....where you will find all sorts of information, items and things for sale dealing with Historical American Girl Dolls. Welcome to my passion, I hope to help bring your dolls and history to life!

About This Site

As I've said in my first post.....I love dolls, historical American Girl dolls in particular!  This site delves a little into the history of Pleasant Company, American Girl Dolls...and also into history pertaining to each of the historical dolls.  I am also developing an Etsy shop for historical clothing for the dolls that I am making and selling....and will go into the history of some of that clothing!!!!  Come back often and see what i have to offer, and by all means, share my site with other doll lovers!!!!

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  1. I think that we should go on strike, and not buy anything at the American Girl store for a while! Could you please spread the word?