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This section is all about Non-American Girl dolls, and non historical outfits I have made or bought.  These are the dolls that my granddaughters play with!!!!  Still very much loved....Hope you enjoy!

A Fun Little Apron Project

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Naya was bugging me to make cupcakes...but she needed an apron first...Love the little felt cupcakes!!!!

Meet my newest ...non-American Girl doll. I found her on the Springfield site...I think she was a test market for American Indian...but she was so sweet, I had to get her...Her name is Naya.  So had to make her a fun summer outfit, before summer is gone.....It's a halter top with a matching skirt.....love the silver sandals.....

 I loved doing this pattern so much in summer colors, I decided to do one in more Fall colors, when I came across this thread. Madison begged to model it...so here she is. Dark tan, almost a brown, crochet, lacy dress, with a rose ribbon at the waist, over a black slip, black tights and cute black shoes consists of the outfit.Very elegant, yet perfect for a nine year old!!!! 

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Maria had to do a big presentation at the end of school, and wanted a new outfit so that she would look professional.....This is what we came up with!!!! Pink polka dot skirt, and plaid jacket, white tights, and cute white shoes with bows. She got an A on the presentation!!!!

More outfits on Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/prairiewindgirls
  Emma hasn't modeled for us in such a long time....and she loves this pants set outfit so much...I said she could do this one. Striped slacks have cargo pockets, and the bright green print top has another pocket, so lots of places to carry her things!!!! Outfit also comes with orange matching crocs.Too much fun!!!!

Olivia was complaining that it was still a bit cold for May...yes, we did get snow the other day....so summer is not here yet...Olivia is modeling, hopefully the last of the winter outfits....I love this knit green coat with varigated scarf, hat and yes, itty bitty doll mittens!!!!  The outfit also comes with Black tights and tan sueded boots.  Very stylish and oh so cute!!!! 
More outfits on Etsy  www.etsy.com/shop/prairiewindgirls

Sorry all, I am way behind in posting...promise to work on getting caught up this week!!!!  I promised Abby that she would be my next model. Then she got asked to be the Flower Girl in a friends wedding, and I knew we had the perfect outfit. Hand crochet from cream cotton thread, with an organdy pink ribbon. There is a cream cotton slip under it all, and white tights and white slippers complete the outfit.She looks like a princess!!!

I haven't posted pics of Nicole in a while....and she wanted you all to see her Easter dress.....we lucked out and got this one for free.  I had ordered some supplies for my shop from one of the doll stores on-line...and when it came they added this dress as a thank you....It was perfect for Nicole!!!! 
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Ally was asking for a new summer outfit.  I found this material in my stash...thought it would go well together...but really like the way it came out..Peaches and Cream type look!!!  It's been so cold and miserable the past few days....needed a pick me up!!!!

Madison is fed up with this crazy weather we have been having, and is ready for Summer...forget about Spring!!!  Actually I was cleaning out some boxes, and came across this bathing suit I must have bought for her last summer, and forgot to post...it really cute....wish I could find one like it for me!!!

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Madison has to give a big presentation at school next week and asked for a new..."professional" looking outfit to wear, so this is what I came up with. Outfit consists of knit gray skirt, White sleeveless blouse, red argyle patterned cardigan, a red and gray striped tote bag, white tights and black buckle shoes.She just looks soo....smart!!!!

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Maria has been begging for a new outfit.  I thought this one came out really cute....she looks all set for Spring....a few more weeks Maria......Cute striped capris with ruffles at the knees, and pink bows.  Matching print top with ruffles and bows.  Cute white sandals and pink hairbows finish out the outfit....She needs some pink tulips!!!!
Nicole is staying toasty warm in this crochet navy long dress, embellished with a white snowflake, and matching boots, and headband.....She looks so wintery!!!!! 
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Whoops...I was cleaning out some things...and realized I forgot to post this cute little summer outfit I made for Granddaughters to play with....Ally had that dear in headlights look....but she loves the outfit!!!!

I know...I said a while back that I was done with sundresses.....but I had some left over pieces of fabric....just enough to make a Pillowcase sundress...so here it is on Ally.....
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I had gotten a pair of PJ's for the dolls the little grandaughters play with when they are here...but I needed another pair./..and found these on-line the other day..and these adorable slipper so go with them....Madison fell in love with them...so I guess they are hers now!!!!

 Nicole was complaining that it was getting a bit cool down in the Studio....so I found this cute outfit this weekend....lovin' the colors!!!!  She wouldn't give up the flip-flops yet!!!!!

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Madison is loving her overall outfit that I  made for her.....Time to go play in the yard!!!!

Maria begged to wear the little apron I made up....this is such a cute pattern...I'm making one for a door prize for one of the local church MOPS groups.....I changed it up a bit, with a big center pocket, and a stripped ruffled edge....I think I like it better then the original...will post a pic when It is finished!

Ally was getting cold in her Tennis outfit...so we switched her out to her running suit!!!!  Weather is turning here in Colorado....sweater days are here!!!! I love the sneakers they make for these guys...wish my feet were smaller!!!! 

In the meantime...Marie has a new outfit, that I purchased for her for the end of summer.  It is really cute, I love that hat and shoes....I guess I'm an accessory gal!!!!

I saw this outfit in one of the doll catalogs...and just thought it would look so cute on Ally.  The sneakers ar just so tiny and cute....She even has the racket and ball!!!!

Ally looks so cool and comfy in this great little skirt and smock top outfit.  I had this owl fabric and when I saw the pattern, I knew I had to use it....I barely had enough but we squeezed it out.  Unfortunatly it's not an outfit I can sell, the pattern won't let me....so my grandaughters will be enjoying this one!!!  There is another skirt pattern, so I will have to make that one next!!!

American Girl Doll Beach Cover-Up

Madison, begged to model the yellow bathing suit, and then all she did was complain that she was cold. So a beach cover-up needed to be made. I went in search of a lightweight fabric, because the last time I used this pattern, it was too bulky in terry. In my box of goodies, there was this leftover eyelet from a Christening gown I had made for a friends grandbaby....and it was perfect.

Maria wanted to stay in summer clothes...can't say I blame her...it is so very hot right now.  I found this cute wet suit and boogie board, and just had to buy it for the girls.....Love the water shoes!!!!

Maria asked me to make sure I showed you the Boogie Board!!!!

Nicole looks so cute in this handmade purple crochet outfit, with beads!!!  I love purple, and this one is sure to please.  The outfit has beads on the top and on the beret type hat...so cute!!!!  Lighter purple trim on cap sleeve.

Nicole was fighting with Maria on what they would wear next, since we have had so many sundresses....and was so excited to be wearing this one!!!!  

I bought this outfit...it was winter, and I was longing for summer....Now it is really HOT!!!!  Ally will be cool though....and I just love the flip flops!!!!

I promise...last sundress, at least for a while.  Madison begged to model it...it came out really cute.  I think I may donate it to a site for a drawing, or one made out of the same pattern....She looks so summery.

Decided to work on some more summer fashion...and not a sundress....was getting tired of sundresses ....although I do have one more in the works!!!  This came out so cute, and is even cuter in person!!!
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Maria looks so cute in pink...and I love the pink clogs!!!

Nicole was having a fit because I didn't show you "HER" sundress....she looks so cute and summery!!!  It has been really hot here and the girls have been getting much use out of their sundresses...but it is turning cool for this next week, with rain....which we desperately need...so that is good, will need to get out some hoodies and sweaters!!!

Alyssa and Maddy are sharing secrets....shhh....don't tell....!!!!  I just got a couple of orders on my Etsy Shop, so I thought I'd post a few "non-historical" outfits....while I get these made up.  Alyssa is wearing another cute sundress...I made this one for my granddaughters for Easter.  I love this print fabric.
Ally looks a little shocked by whatever Maddy told her!!!  

So you get another non-historical outfit...the mirror image to the dress I showed yesterday....It came out so cute...reminds me of sherbert ice cream,.  Yum!!!  Madison looks very cool and comfortable.  Love the sandals

Emma is all set for this hot summer weather.....I made the same dresses for my granddaughters for Christmas....they loved them.  I love the print...it is so crisp and summery!!!!

Olivia loves her newest outfit...embroidered jeans, a pink jersey and fun poncho....She's gonna take a walk at the park to see how bad the fire got over in that area.

I do need to get Abby dressed in some summer clothes...I get hot just looking at her......But I love, love, love this outfit...it is so Colorado!!!!  And the boots are to die for.

Busy still working on the Slippers to Samantha's Robe set, so here is a non-historical outfit I did for Maria.....crisp blue cotton, makes a very comfortable school dress, with a bow, and buttons down the front.
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This little girl, I also found in a catalog, and couldn't resist....but alas, they would make good baby sisters for the AG's.  Facial features are really cute but toddlerish.  Made the red romper for my Ladystamp Etsy shop....am moving it over to my Praire Wind Etsy Shop....so check it out!
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I found this doll in a catalog...and ordered her...don't know the brand....I fell in love with the face...although she looks younger than the regular AG dolls.  We named her Alyssa....and she even came with the outfit!!!  The granddaughters love undressing this one!!!!  You can really tell the difference from AG dolls...the wig is really sparse.  And the Springfield Collection Dolls have rooted hair, so it is really thin in areas.....Love my AG dolls!!!!

One more non-historical....or Granddaughter Doll....last of our Springfield collection dolls....Madison.  I love her hair....she's a keeper!!!!!  I bought this outfit because it had a matching girl nightie, so one of the Em's will get that this winter!  Love the bunny slippers too, sorry they got cut off!  And I did make the bear...I love bears, almost as much as dolls!!!

Another doll for a Grand Niece.  Not sure why...this one seemed to take forever...but I finally got it all finished up..and will box it up this weekend to go in the mail this next week!!! She's another Springfield Collection Doll....and I love the red!!!! Now to start the next one...it doesn't have to go out till December!!! So I can take my time on that one.  Made Sockors (Swedish Felted Slippers) last night...didn't have a pattern, and they came out pretty good!!! Tonight I'm gonna attempt knitting socks....keep your fingers crossed, I sew much better then I knit.

Since I'm busy working on Kirsten's Nightgown...I thought I'd post another of my Granddaughters (Springfield Collection) Dolls.  This one is Maria...but she looks just like my granddaughter Abbey.  And the little girls loved playing with this great wintery Colorado outfit....a tribute to snowboarding....I couldn't resist this one...it's a Sophia outfit...complete with helmet, goggles boots and snowboard....Go Maria...Go!!!!

This is Miss Emma....she is another Springfield Collection Doll that I got for my granddaughters to play with.  Been really busy getting ready for an event at my house this weekend.,..so really haven't been able to sew like I want to....maybe tonight if I get everything done for tomorrow!!!!  She's wearing a cute little sundress I made using 2 fat quarters.  This dress is for sale on my Etsy shop if you are interested. 
Dress for sale at http://www.etsy.com/shop/PrairieWindGirls

Meet Olivia...she is another Springfield Collection doll that I got for my granddaughters to play with.....love her red hair!!!  I also wanted to send her to my niece Lilly, but couldn't find her so she got Emma....will post her picture another day!

I purchased her outfit from Sophia's, isn't it just too precious....sometimes ya gotta just break down and do it!!!  She's all set for the warm weather we are hoping for this next week!!!  I noticed while dressing her that her legs were about as wobbly as Samantha's, so now I don't feel so bad.  I know Olivia has been dressed and redressed quite a bit by 2 little girls.  

Kirsten, I'm hoping will arrive tomorrow...I have her undergarments almost finished....she will be all set when she gets here!  Then to get going on Samantha's and also Kirsten's Meet outfit!  

Meet Miss Abby...she is not an American Girl Doll, but a Springfield Collection Doll... The first doll I got.  I figured, if I wanted my granddaughters playing with these dolls at an early age....I couldn't let them play with the more pricey American Girl dolls.  Springfield Dolls are well made and sturdy.....and at a fraction of the AG price....if the hair gets pulled, or frazzeled, or an arm breaks...I'm not gonna be too upset, especially if she was well, loved, and these girls get very well loved.  2 and 3 year olds, just want to dress and undress .... ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

The outfit is gorgeoous.....I found these pre- made panels, you just cut out and piece together....they are really pretty...and I think making this one was what started this whole thing.  This dress was for Melinda Dalton, who was born in 1835 in Dug Spur, Virginia....she was a maid in a wealthy land owners household, and this would have been her Sunday dress.  I love the paisley print.  

OK...I know I said that this site is all about Historical dolls....but sometimes, I like to make, non-historical outfits for grandchildren and great nieces....here is one I just finished up for one of my great  nieces...I won't name her, as this is a surprise

Wookie Bear is giving her a kiss goodbye....They are such good friends!!!

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