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Friday, June 28, 2013

Shocked Look

Yes, Ally was certainly shocked in yesterday's post....this is the e-mail that Maddy had just read, and the info that she gave to her.....

Dear American Girl fan,

We're writing with important news about one of our most treasured American Girl dolls—Molly McIntire®. As one of our e-mail subscribers, you're among the first to know that soon, Molly's complete collection, including her best friend from England, Emily Bennett™, will be moving into the American Girl Archives™.

Countless American Girl fans have found a friend in this lively, patriotic girl since her introduction in 1986. Bringing Molly's world to life—from helping her family during World War Two to welcoming Emily into her home—has been a journey we've enjoyed sharing with you.

Watch for more information via our catalogues and at americangirl.com. In the meantime, don't miss the opportunity to purchase items from Molly's collection before it's too late. Thank you for your continued support.

American Girl

I had a feeling that Molly would be the next one to go...but am still very sad.  Fortunaly, I just got her....so need to get going making clothes for her....After my Birthday that is (since technically Steven hasn't given her to me yet!!!)....I did get her cleaned up ...and after spending the day airing in the sun...she was still very musty smelling...so she spent the day in a plastic bag with kitty litter.(AKA-kitty litter spa treatment)  She is still a little musty...but MUCH better!!!  Hoping our dry Colorado air will clean her up, that is if we don't get more smoke!!!!  

So...please welcome Miss Molly McIntire....our World II Doll.  Can't wait to get started on her outfits....next,  a question.... Do you think AG will create another Historical Doll? (I sure hope so!!!) and what period of history would you like to see?  I have 2 that I hope they do next.  1st, a 1950's girl.  So much fun with poodle skirts, and sock hops!!!!  If not that then a set of dolls like Cecile and Marie-Grace...but 1620 ish dolls that are a Pilgrim girl and an Indian girl.....such fun!!  Leave a comment below with your wish list!!!  

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