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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life Goes On....

Things are starting to feel more normal here.....I think the trauma of being uprooted is passing.  Got good news last night...our neighbors dog was finally found....so a story with a happy ending!!!

I did get some sewing done....and so Lissie has a new night shift, lappet cap and mules.....What are those you ask.  Sleepwear for girls and women were called night shifts....they were a fancier version of their shift.  Lissie's  has lace and ribbon.  Girls wore hats ALL the time in Colonial America....even to sleep...and here is Lissie's matching Lappet Cap.  It has long ears that wrap around her head and tie under her chin.  And on her feet she wears leather mules....or slip on slippers.  I hand made these, and they were easier then I thought  they would be...so will be trying my hand at more shoes.
All the girls have Meet outfits, and undergarments and sleepwear now!!!!  And I have really good news.  I won another Ebay auction while we were evacuated....didn't have much to spend my time on....so.....Molly McIntire will be joining our family...I can't wait till she gets here!!!!  Actually she will be a birthday present from my hubby......he doesn't know yet!!!!  Shh....don't tell him!!!!

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