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Monday, June 24, 2013

Samantha's All Set for School!!!

Back in the early 1900's, many girls went to private all girl schools, as boys went to all boy academy's...Samantha went to Miss Crampton's Academy.  Here is one type dress she would have worn.  It is called a Buster Brown....and has a Peter Pan collar, and lots of pleats....not an easy thing to sew up....but they looked so smart!  It is a gray wool flannel with smart white buttons and white top stitching.  
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I heard a rumor today that Molly will be retired by the end of the year....I am still researching that tid-bit of information, will let you know.  If so, then I am super glad I just got her on Ebay.  She was in really good shape, but coming from Florida....is very musty smelling....so she has spent a spa day in the sun...that helped...but she will have to undergo the Kitty litter treatment.  She is a birthday present from Steven....and it isn't till August....so I will show her to you later!!!!  Now I'm looking for Miss Addy!  Our family grows!!!!

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