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Friday, June 7, 2013

Last of the Granddaughter Dolls

This little girl, I also found in a catalog, and couldn't resist....but alas, they would make good baby sisters for the AG's.  Facial features are really cute but toddlerish.  Made the red romper for my Ladystamp Etsy shop....am moving it over to my Praire Wind Etsy Shop....so check it out!
More cute outfits on my Etsy Shop
Went out to dinner with friends last night so didn't get much sewing done.  Have started designing a robe for Samantha, since I couldn't find one like AG sells.  Did get a little knitting on socks done, and think I have the pattern figured out...first one came out pretty good!!!  Will post a picture after I get the second one made!!!

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  1. OOPPSS....I forgot to tell you her name,,,it is Nicole.