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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kirsten's School Outfit

Well, I ended up having people calling last minute and cancelling on the class last night...and since this class builds on the last class, I didn't want those that missed to get too far behind...so we cancelled for this month!!!  It's summer and so hard to get everyone together....but the good thing is that I got to work on Kirsten's School outfit....and was able to finish it up...and it came out so cute!!!
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She's all ready to go to school.  Children on the prairie didn't go to school like we do now.  Fall was harvest time and all hands were needed to get the chores done and crops in.  After the crops were in, in November, children went back to school....and the days were crisp...so Kirsten was thankful for her warm shawl.  Then come Spring it was time to plant and all hands were needed again....so they only went to school in the Winter and Summer.

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