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Friday, May 3, 2013

Ya-Hoo...Felicity is mine!!!!!!!

I love the doll character Felicity, and have always wanted the doll.  I was so sad when she was discontinued...and should have gotten her then, but the timing wasn't right.  Decided to just go ahead and do it...so, I  have been watching the auctions on Ebay...and last night I took the plunge, my first Ebay auction.  Steven coached me...and after a great bidding war in the last half hour...I Won!!!!!  I am so excited.....she should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday....will post pictures when she arrives.  She was well used and loved, but I got her for less then I was actually willing to pay, so I am very happy.  Now I'm looking for a sister for her...Kirsten is my next one to search for!!!!
I did get fabric cut out last night for Felicity's shift....while I was waiting on the auction.....Now it has a doll to go to!!!! Check back soon, and I will have my Etsy Shop, Prairie Wind Girl up and running with outfits you can purchase for your dolls!

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