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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome Kirsten Larson

My last of the 3 retired dolls just arrived....and I am so excited...she is, again, perfect!!!!

I also have her set of undergarments all made, and should finish up her Meet dress tonight....so after her spa treatment tonight...she can do some modeling for you all!  I am really excited about getting Kirsten....for alot of reasons...Our oldest daughters name is Kristen...and I would have loved to have gotten her this doll when she was young....but they were just too expensive.  Second, growing up, I loved reading books about the prairies....Little House on the Prairie, was my favorite series of books, and then TV show.  I dreamt of marrying Micheal Landon (come to think of it, Steven and him look alot alike....Steven is a tall Micheal Landon!!!  When we ended up moving to Colorado...and then our house was out on the Prairie...my dad said...."You got your wish...a little house on the prairie.)  

Kirsten's story starts on the Eagle....Nine year old Kirsten and her family are leaving their beloved Sweden, and traveling to "America" to escape starvation.  Kirsten, Mama, Papa, Lars, her 14 year old brother, and Peter, her 5 year old brother.The trip over is a rough one, with many storms.  Mama is sick most of the time, and Kirsten spends most of the time with her best friend Marta who is also coming to America, playing with her doll,Sari.  When they finally land in New York City, the family travels by train to Chicago.  No one has ever ridden on a train, and it is a frightening experience.  They meet back up with Marta's family and all board a Mississippi River boat called the Redwing to travel to Riverton Minnesota.  On the way cholera breaks out on the boat, and Marta succumbs to it.  It is a very sad time for Kirsten.  Finally they are almost to Uncle Olav and Aumt Ingers farm.  They find they don't have enough money to hire a wagon...so after taking all that they could carry, they put the rest of their belongings, including Sari, into storage, and start the long walk to the farm, in the rain.  They must have been a sight when the get there, all muddy and tired.  The year is 1854, and they are Home! 

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