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Friday, May 24, 2013

Felicity Finally Gets Her First Set of Clothing!!!!

You can purchase this outfit on my Etsy Shop
Last night I finally finished up Felicity's set of undergarments!!!  She has a pretty white shift...Girls in 1774 had a few of these as they wore them under ALL their dresses.  They also wore something on their heads at all times.  Probably because hygiene wasn't what it is now(bad hair days!!!) and lice(ewww!!!) were also very common.  Fortunately our Felicity doesn't have that problem!!!  The cap is called a round earred cap and has a pretty pleated ruffle and red ribbon and bow!  She also has a cream ribbon to tie her hair back and white stockings!!!  I think a nightgown for Kirsten is calling to me....I have lots of white flannel leftover from her undergarments!!!

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