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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quilt Time

I was looking for a good quilt to do for Kaya....As American Girl from 1764, Kaya would not have had anything like this quilt, but, when she's being a modern day girl, I think she would love this quilt. The pattern is Morning Star....and it is a quilt used in the Underground Railroad....to let run-away slaves know where safe houses were. I love the bright colors, and I'm sure Kaya does too.

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 As I was working on this...I realized...I totally forgot to post a pic of Kit's quilt.....I was looking for quilts made in the 1930's so that I could do one for Kit. I came across this pieced block that was published in the Chicago Tribune in 1933. The simple Cross Country blocks are set "on point", and in the full quilt, form a basic Irish Chain. The colors are unusual but go together well!

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