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Monday, December 30, 2013

Felicity's Winter Outfit

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I fell in love with this cape pattern, and couldn't wait to make Felicity's Winter outfit out of it!!!!  Then I found this very soft red velvet, and knew I had to do it....This is called a Cardinal Cape, not for the cardinal red color....but because it is similar to the cape that Roman Catholic Cardinals in the 1700's wore, and still wear!  It is a full cape with a beautiful gathered hood, made of red velvet, and lined in red satin.  It closes at the neck with 2 gold buttons.  Then to keep her hands warm, she has white leather mitts, embroidered in red, and a white satin muff, embroidered in blue.  One very stylish colonial girl!!!!  I used a pattern I found on Liberty Jane, called Ivy Cape, by Melodie Valerie. 

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