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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marie's Photoshoot

I purchased 2 knit patterns, one was an A-line skirt, the other an Argyle sweater so that I could make Molly's Meet outfit....well, they were from a home-made site, and they were so poorly written...The sweater, was only half the instructions....so back to square one.  I've done my own pattern, the Skirt is done, and I must say it came out really cute, I'm working on the sweater...just the front neck area and collar to finish up....so in a day or 2, stay tuned.  I will have the outfit on my Etsy shop when it is finished...and also the pattern....I'm thinkin on Craftsy and Ravelry also!!!!

In the meantime...Marie has a new outfit, that I purchased for her for the end of summer.  It is really cute, I love that hat and shoes....I guess I'm an accessory gal!!!!

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