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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello Molly!!!

Finally...designing patterns is alot of work.....You knit a row...see how it looks, then right down what you did....takes about 3 times longer then a regular outfit would take....but this one was oh....so...worth it!!!! 
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I was worried about the argyle pattern, but it came out great...and I think I can see how to do it for Mini Molly....just put the paper pattern up on Etsy, and will get the downloadable one done tonight!!!  I'm off to can tomatoes from the garden....I love eating fresh stuff all summer....but hate it when it all comes in at once...and then I have to scramble!!!  Spaghetti sauce here we come!!!! 


  1. Wow, really great sweater and skirt. Can't imagine how you worked out the pattern, wow again!

    1. Thanks Meg....the outfit was a challenge, but I persevered!!! Surprised myself, as it has been years since I have knit anything involved!!! I'm origionally from Massachusetts....so glad you wrote!