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Monday, September 30, 2013

Learning Cursive

I just heard the other day, that some schools are doing away with Cursive writing.  Too old school....everything is in type print now....so no longer needed....I beg to differ.....Cursive is a way to put your best foot forward.  In Samantha's time...that was all that was taught.  Children were never taught to print.  It must have been very hard, learning to read print, but having to write it in cursive.  Appearance was all important in Samantha's time....The more fancy you could write...the more important.  .  In school most everything was taught in drills.  Students practiced writing over and over, as with everything else.  They had to learn all the different lines and curves that went into writing.  School was so much more regimented...they had to sit a certain way, hold their pencils a certain way....No wonder penmanship class was so disliked.  I remember getting my knuckles wrapped with a ruler because I held my pen too tightly....and that was a whole lifetime later!!!!

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