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Friday, July 5, 2013

St Lucia

I worked hard to design this outfit to be true to the AG outfit....finally got it done, and I must say, it came out really good!!!
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Kirsten looks so sweet, I'm gonna have to start working on patterns....since I did design this one myself.  Well, others must have liked it also, as it sold as soon as I got it up on my Etsy store.....so will be making a second one this weekend....it is a fun outfit to make!!!!

St Lucia is a Swedish holiday.  It is usually on Dec. 13, and celebrates the longest night of the year.  Usually the oldest daughter dresses all in white ...and dons a wreath with candles to chase the night away.  She carries a tray with special pastries....sounds like a holiday I want to celebrate.  Stay tuned for her Accessory set.

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