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Friday, November 20, 2015

Josefina....Modern Day

I have had lots of people ask me where I get my dolls, and if I would sell any.....so I have decided to put some up on Ebay.  After a while...you end up with just too many girls....This is a Josefina I got in a lot of 4 dolls off of Ebay...they all needed tons of work.....She has been nicely cleaned up and since her hair was chopped...I moved the part to one side, just a bit, and shortened it, She is now a modern gal.  Eventually, I want to make sets of undergarments for them...I hate seeing them nude...but wanted to get some up on my store for the holidays.  You can see her at:
 Working on cleaning up a Kit...just restrung her legs, and will be doing her arms next....che is all cleaned up, and hair is good, so she should be up soon!!!!  

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