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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Girl....

I needed a new doll to be my model for my new Steampunk Line.....so I went looking on Ebay....got one really cheap.....but she was in really bad shape.  Very much loved and played with.  She came, and I should have taken pictures of her before I cleaned her up....First, she had layers and layers of make-up.  She sparkled!!!!  Got all that off, and an all over bath, then to get the layers and layers of nail polish on fingers and toes.  Now to tackle the hair.  At some point, it looks like she was re-wigged, but it was a bad wig, and it had been cut, and was missing about half the hair.  Here are pics....

So the wig came off, and I found a really cute short, blond bob on-line....will post pictures later...she came out really cute.....I was gonna name her Steampunk Annie....but there already is a doll online with that name....so came up with Steampunk Kassy.  My neighbor, growing up always called me Kassy instead of Cathy....and Steven said she looked alot like me when I got her all done....so Kassy it is!!!!  


  1. You are Lucky my daughter's Dolls from the 1980;Shave Rooted Hair-

  2. Well if yo still have them, and need them fixed...I know how to restring them, and re-wig them....As long as a cat hasn't chewed a finger off...they can be fixed!!!!